Hi, Welcome to Ilogix: a platform where companies, teams, and developers can buy and source code. Ilogix is a smart source code marketplace, the rules apply to all the users the same, whether you are a buyer or a seller.
All the products listed to sell on Ilogix are digital products and cannot be returned, so all refund requests are processed with that in mind. Once a purchased product is refunded the seller will not receive rewards for that product purchase.
Before you request a refund

If you are sure that one or more claims described on the product page are false, buyers need to contact the us and describe the problem with the product in detail. If the seller doesn’t solve or refuses to solve the issue, you can proceed to request a refund by contacting Ilogix Support.
Request a refund from Ilogix Support

In case the seller does not solve the issue, you can ask Ilogix Support for a refund. Please notice that the payment fee cannot be refunded. The list below contains the circumstances in which we would grant refund and the seller will not earn a reward for that particular sale:
Product is not working as described, or the source code is missing
Product support is not provided
Product is not working as described, or the source code is missing

If the source code doesn’t work as described on the product page ,the source code is missing from the downloaded file or source code file is corrupted, the buyer is eligible to initiate the refund. The seller has to fix the issue by updating the product. If no fixes are provided, Ilogix support will issue a refund to the buyer and will not pay the reward to the seller for that sale. Ilogix reserves the right to remove the product from the marketplace if it is considered to be defective.

Product support is not provided
If the product page mentions that the seller offers support, and he does not deliver on those promises, the buyer can receive a refund. We invite you to keep all exchanges within the Ilogix platform by requesting product support through Purchase history page, that way we can help you solve any issues. You are not allowed to exchange personal contact information as it might compromise your safety and we will not be able to verify your claims. Support requests shouldn’t be neither exhaustive nor unfairly towards the seller. In case of abuse against sellers, Ilogix might intervene to solve the issues the sellers are facing and be the judge of the case.

Arbitration of disputes by Ilogix

Ilogix support team will investigate the circumstances of the conflict when the buyer or the seller raises it to them by contacting Ilogix and providing the supporting evidence for their claim. We will make a decision based on all the information supplied by both sides. The decision taken by Ilogix team is final and binding for both parties of the dispute.

After your refund request got approved
We are doing our best to make the transactions as seamless as possible for refunds. Depending on the payment method, refunds may take some time to appear on your credit cards balances. Most refund requests get processed within seven days of approval, but refunds for purchases made using international payment methods might take longer.